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Voices from Main Street: We Must Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions
Health care is deeply important to people across the country. This is no less true for the millions of small business owners who now count on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for themselves, their families, and their employees. And, with insurance markets advantaging big employers over small business, ensuring quality,... Read more
Join Us to Say Hate Has No Business Here
También en español (abajo) This week has been hard. Many in our community are reeling after yet another attack to their safety, values, and dignity. It can feel hard to know how to support each other and stand by our neighbors. As small business owners, we stand against President Trump’s... Read more
Successes! And Updates from Main Street Alliance
Celebrating our Successes! The last two months have seen big progress for paid leave June saw some major successes across the country. Join us in celebrating wins in Oregon, Nevada, Connecticut, Maine and more! Connecticut, and then Oregon became the 8th and 9th states (including DC) to enact Paid Family... Read more
Republicans Continued Attack on Health Care during the Texas v. US Appeal Harm the Success of Small Businesses
Small businesses fear losing critical protections for pre-existing conditions   Washington, DC – In response to the Texas V. US Appeal hearings beginning this week, Main Street Alliance National Director Amanda Ballantyne released the following statement:  “The Texas v. Azar decision is a threat not only to the millions of... Read more



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