Since 2008, The Main Street Alliance has engaged over 30,000 businesses in eleven states to build our network. Through grassroots organizing, including in-person surveys at business locations, one-on-one meetings and local events, we seek to understand the issues that matter most to small business. Our members include manufacturers, restaurateurs, artists, farmers, accountants, printers, software designers, retailers, mechanics and more.

Our mission

Provide small businesses a voice on the most pressing public policy issues across the nation

Our values

A thriving economy depends on thriving communities. 
Strong businesses value our customers and strive to provide them quality goods and services. For us to prosper, our customers must also prosper. Independent small businesses and local economies are the backbones of a thriving community.

Good government plays a critical role in nurturing business and community. The Government should equitably invest in, create, and enforce effective policies and systems to sustain independent business for the public good. Public investment is a critical component to create and sustain prosperous equitable economies and entrepreneurial spirit.

Strong businesses view success as a shared enterprise. We recognize that treating all employees with dignity, a livable wage, and good working conditions lead to a better community for all. We take an active approach to building relationships with our customers and giving back to the communities where we live and work.

Active civic participation of all in our community is essential to the growth and success of our businesses, communities and country. We push for policy participation and engagement of our local elected officials to support a prosperous and sustainable small business community.

Executive team

National staff

We're currently recruiting for a Co-Executive Director to lead Main Street Alliance.

Stephen Michael | Executive Director

Stephen provides strategic direction to the organization and oversees field offices and operations.

Cynthia Ward Wikstrom | Campaigns Director

Cynthia supervises the national organizing team, state organizing leads and works closely with communications and policy staff to set and achieve ambitious campaign goals.

Dominique Sanders | Field Director

Dominique leads field organizing, bringing small business members into conversations about important public policy issues.

Dominic Procopio | National Organizer

Dominic leads expansion and outreach efforts across the country.

Sarah Crozier | Communications Director

Sarah leads strategic communications and supports small business members in getting their stories in front of the media and our partners. She is the best contact for media inquiries.

Didier Trinh | Government Affairs Director

Didier connects small business members to opportunities to engage directly with policymakers in Washington, D.C.

Kaycie Green | Development Director

Kaycie connects mission-driven donors and institutions to MSA's work reclaiming the voice of small businesses.

Julie Chinitz | Senior Analyst

Julie carries out strategic research and communications for MSA.