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Trump's Tax Plan: No Country for Small Business
The Trump Administration released an outline today of its plan to reform the corporate tax code. In general, the plan offers huge tax cuts for corporations and high-earning individuals - its cornerstone reform is a corporate tax rate cut from 35% to 15% - with changes to deductions that are nowhere near enough... Read more
Small business owners make their voices heard in Washington
President Trump’s health care and tax policies burden Main Street Washington, DC -- Today, small business owners stood with more than a thousand allies in protesting President Trump’s policies that are hurting their businesses and communities. Read more
MEDIA ADVISORY: New Report on Access to Capital
A new Woodstock Institute report, Patterns of Disparity: Small Business Lending in the Buffalo and New Brunswick Regions, shows that small businesses in lower income and minority areas are less likely to get a loan. Join us for a public briefing about the report. Call-in details below.       Read more
Rep. Ellison and Small Business Owners Say The Trump Budget benefits corporations and the wealthy, leaving out the needs of small businesses
TOP LINE: Ahead of tax day 2017, US Representative Keith Ellison and Minnesota State Representative Erin Murphy met with 15 Main Street Alliance Minnesota small business owners to talk about critical issues for small business owners when it comes to national and local budget plans.   Read more



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