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Small Business Speak Out Against House Tax Cut Bill
WASHINGTON, DC – Main Street Alliance Small business owners across the country are voicing their opposition to H.R. 1, the House tax bill that passed today: Read more
Sen. Warren, small business owners say: Stop pretending tax plan helps small business
Senator Elizabeth Warren and Main Street Alliance small business owners held a joint event at the Center for American Progress today called “Small businesses and America can’t afford the Republican Tax Deal.” Read more
Small Businesses and America Can’t Afford the Republican Tax Deal
The House Republican tax plan will hurt America’s small businesses. While giant corporations receive huge tax giveaways under the House Republican plan, the vast majority of American small businesses get nothing, making it even harder for them to compete. Meanwhile, the plan would explode the national debt, giving congressional Republicans an... Read more
House Tax Bill is a Sleight of Hand for Small Business
WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the House tax bill released today, Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners, released the following statement: Read more



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