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Executive Committee Member David Borris Talks Payday Lending and it's Impact on Small Business
In a video, filmed on location at Hel's Kitchen Catering in Chicago, owner and MSA Executive Committee Member David Borris discusses payday lending and why it's bad for his business, his 100+ employees, and his community. Check out the video, and then head to to issue a comment to... Read more
Members in San Diego Testify at City Council Hearing on Implementation of Prop 1
Prop 1, passed by ballot measure in early June, raises San Diego's minimum wage and increases access to paid sick days Today, Main Street Alliance members thanked the San Diego City Council for passing the minimum wage and earned sick days ordinance, celebrating the enormous raise for 170,000 hard working... Read more
Get the Facts on Payday Lending
Payday lenders aren’t creating jobs with their predatory lending practices, and they aren’t driving economic growth, they are standing in the way. Small business owners, their employees, and their customers would fare better with sound protections from payday lenders. Read more
It's About to Get a Little Harder for Multinational Corporations to Dodge Their Taxes
  The U.S. Department of Treasury released new rules today aimed at reducing tax avoidance. By requiring multinational companies to record profits and taxes paid on a country by country basis, the IRS will, for the first time, have the information necessary to crack down on those that manipulate international... Read more



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