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Main Street Leader Calls on Illinois Legislators to Close Tax Loopholes
Main Street Alliance Executive Committee Member David Borris speaks at an event taking on corporate tax dodgers and calling on Illinois elected officials to close tax loopholes.  David Borris, the owner of Hel's Kitchen Catering located just outside of Chicago, spoke at an event hosted by Fair Economy Illinois this week... Read more
Strictly Organic Coffee Roasters Host Event in Support of Oregon's Measure 97
Main Street Alliance of Oregon member Rhonda Ealy, the co-owner of Strictly Organic Coffee Roasters in Bend, hosted a canvass launch yesterday for the campaign in support of Measure 97 campaign. Measure 97 would raise taxes on the largest and mostly out-of-state corporations that generate more than $25 million in... Read more
Raise Your Glasses and Rank Your Choices
A beer-based strategy to raise awareness of the ranked choice voting referendum on the November ballot in Maine Craft breweries throughout Maine will be holding “beer elections” during the month of September, hosting tastings and allowing customers to rank their beers as part of a campaign to bring attention to... Read more
Trump Strikes Out with Revised Tax Plan
Main Street small business owners say Trump struck out with his new economic plan, citing deficit growth, a disproportionate shift of the shared tax responsibility onto consumers, and loopholes for large corporations as their biggest concerns. After the campaign's initial tax proposals raised the eyebrows of tax policy experts on... Read more



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