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Small Business Tax Impact 2018
Trump-Republican Tax Giveaway Impact on Main Street Small Business Owners Summary of Trump-Republican Tax Giveaway Republicans jammed through the Trump-Republican Tax Giveaway to give a massive tax cut to wealthy donors and big corporations at the expense of Main Street. It balloons the federal deficit by $1.5 trillion, gives billions of dollars... Read more
Sen. Bernie Sanders to Join Repeal the TrumpTax Tour in Cedar Rapids
Sanders Will Headline Rally, joined by a Small Business Owner and Others Urging Constituents to Hold Republicans Accountable for Raising Taxes on Middle-Class Iowans Read more
Small Business Owner Testimony on Conformity with the Federal Tax and Jobs Act of 2017
Davis Senseman, Founder of Davis Law Office and Advisory Board Member of the Main Street Alliance MN, prepared testimony for the Minnesota state legislature's House Tax Committee about state conformity with the Federal Tax and Jobs Act of 2017.   A transcript of the testimony is below. Read more
Small Businesses Stand with Dreamers as Senate Debate Continues
The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on four immigration proposals tonight or tomorrow, Friday February 16, ahead of a week-long Congressional recess. Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners, released the following statement: Read more



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