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Main Street Business Owners: Trump Got It All Wrong
When it comes to driving local economic growth and putting small business owners in the best position to succeed, Donald Trump missed the mark.  On taxes, Mr. Trump couldn't be further from the views of Main Street small businesses. He brags of his massive and phenomenal wealth while skipping out on... Read more
Wait, the Trump Campaign Didn't Have Small Business Advisers Until This Week?
Just three weeks before the election, the Trump Campaign forms a Small Business Advisory Council.  On Sunday, a mere three weeks ahead of the November election, the Trump Campaign announced its formation of a small business advisory council tasked with providing advice on the issues and solutions most important to... Read more
Donald Trump Responds to North Carolina GOP Firebombing with Vitriol and Divisiveness
Main Street leaders campaign to stem the tide of hateful rhetoric consuming the national political dialogue and threatening local economies Donald Trump chose to drive a wedge between us, following a violent act of vandalism at the Orange County North Carolina GOP Headquarters. With the identity of the perpetrators still... Read more
Minneapolis Members Speak Out Against MN Chamber Lawsuit Challenging Earned Sick and Safe Time
Main Street business owners Support Earned Sick and Safe Time, call Chamber-led lawsuit frivolous The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce filed a lawsuit today taking on the recently approved ordinance to provide paid sick leave to employees of all businesses operating in the city. When presented with a diverse set of... Read more



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