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MSA Leaders Urge Congress to Support the Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act
Members of the Main Street Alliance National Executive Committee and the National Action Committee penned the following letter today to Congress asking for their support on an Act aimed at increasing incorporation transparency and reducing the use and resulting harm caused by anonymous shell companies.  September 27, 2016 Dear Member... Read more
DC Restaurateur Doron Petersan Speaks in Support of Paid Family Leave
As Councilmembers consider a Paid Family and Medical Leave policy for the District, D.C.'s "cupcake queen" extends her support to the measure that she says will help her business and improve the lives of her employees.  Doron Petersan owns Sticky Fingers vegan bakery in Columbia Heights and Farewell, a bakery,... Read more
Morristown becomes 13th New Jersey municipality to enact earned paid sick days, 35th in the nation
New Jersey Steering Committee member Marilyn Sealy's testimony, delivered Tuesday helped ensure Morristown became the 13th New Jersey municipality to pass an earned sick day policy. "When I heard other businesses didn't offer earned sick days I couldn't believe it," Marilyn testified before a packed town council meeting."I've always offered... Read more
Trump’s Paid Maternity Leave Policy Falls Short, Could Impose Unknown Costs on Small Business Owners
Small business owners are overlooked by a policy proposal that would likely increase employer costs while failing to provide adequate coverage. Although a universal paid family and medical leave program could provide a significant benefit for many small business owners, Mr. Trump’s plan misses the mark. Under Mr. Trump’s maternity... Read more



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