We mourn with the nation on Justice Ginsburg’s passing, as Supreme Court continues to move towards decisions that favor corporate consolidation

On the passing of Justice Ginsburg last night, Main Street Alliance’s Executive Director Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“Along with our partners, small business members and their communities, we are mourning the loss of a principled, dignified defender of justice for all. Ruth Bader Ginsburg centered the impact on the lives of individuals in her tenacious defense of human rights. 

Small business owners and our employees have a huge stake in the decisions that come next. In recent years, the Court has tipped the scales ever more in the direction of corporate giants. This has come in the form of decisions gutting anti-monopoly protections and making it harder for people to defend themselves against big corporations that have harmed them.  It also includes decisions on opening elections to more campaign cash and undercutting our right to vote

With the loss of Ginsburg on the court, we risk this trend towards corporate consolidation continuing, as well as a very real risk to health care for millions of Americans, which the Trump administration is pursuing and hoping to dismantle in a case slated for argument this Fall - two priority issues for small business owners.

It is important to small businesses that the Supreme Court is just and fair. With an election so soon, and voting already underway, it is imperative the people decide who should confirm the next justice.”