Ward 6 Candidates

No responses: Mohamud Noor, Abdi Warsame

Describe how you see the small business climate.

Fadumo Yusuf: We have a lot of small businesses in my area, and as I believed we should have more small businesses than we have now.

There are great disparities between minority owned and white businesses in Minneapolis. Entrepreneurs and businesses of color face disparate challenges in everything from access to credit to navigating city licenses and regulations. What policies do you think are needed to increase minority and immigrant owned business ownership and success?

Fadumo Yusuf: I will advocate all the business should be getting an equal opportunities. When comes the licenses, and regulations with the policies. But the funds it could be a different situations.

Cities can do many things to support locally owned businesses.  What ideas do you have to support locally owned businesses in Minneapolis?

Fadumo Yusuf: By giving them some loans, so they can build their business and hire more employee.

What work have you done in your career to date to support locally owned businesses?

Fadumo Yusuf: I was small business owned once, and I wanted was some start up funds for my business. Which I never get it. My plan is to empower all small businesses in ward 6.

Would you support strong proactive outreach to businesses to inform them about earned sick and safe time, minimum wage, and other labor regulations?

Fadumo Yusuf: That it depend on how the businesses are. If the business is a big company like a Target, than yes. But if the business small, for that is no. The reason is because that owner can't afford to pay sick pay, and a minimum wage at all.