Ward 12 Candidates

No responses: Harrison Bullard, Will Jaeger

Describe how you see the small business climate.

Andrew Johnson: I view our small businesses as the economic engine of our community and as beloved destinations and service providers for residents. They are innovators who bring character and creativity to our neighborhoods, and are one of the big reasons *why* people want to live in Minneapolis.

There are great disparities between minority owned and white businesses in Minneapolis. Entrepreneurs and businesses of color face disparate challenges in everything from access to credit to navigating city licenses and regulations. What policies do you think are needed to increase minority and immigrant owned business ownership and success?

Andrew Johnson: More grant/funding support, training for entrepreneurs, incubator spaces, and culturally-competent outreach/support.

Cities can do many things to support locally owned businesses.  What ideas do you have to support locally owned businesses in Minneapolis?

Andrew Johnson: Strengthen the Small Business Team, eliminate/simplify more regulations, fight for comprehensive SAC fee reform via Met Council and the State, enhance funding/grant support, move permits online, and create incubator spaces.

What work have you done in your career to date to support locally owned businesses?

Andrew Johnson: Led the effort to create the Small Business Team and package of additional support initiatives, eliminated dozens of regulations and ordinances, and individually helped a number of small businesses in the ward (such as helping secure free advertising for businesses affected by the Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction project, helping Buster's clear regulatory hurdles when trying to re-open after a fire, and attracting Venn Brewing to a vacant commercial space and helping lead a neighborhood change to the Critical Parking Area to support their business).

Would you support strong proactive outreach to businesses to inform them about earned sick and safe time, minimum wage, and other labor regulations?

Andrew Johnson: Yes.


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