Reject this corporate power grab that seeks to diminish the voices of Minnesota businesses and our local communities. Reject HF600 and SF580

Governor Dayton and Legislative Leaders,

As small business owners, we know better than anyone how local, state, and federal labor regulations impact our communities across Minnesota. We must navigate these complex and shifting rules on a daily basis, often without the human resources or legal help that large corporations can afford. We know what labor standards mean for our bottom line, but we also know how important they are for our employees, our customers, and our cities. As corporate lobbyists continue to push through bills that would preempt local governments from establishing labor regulations (HF600/SF580), we are compelled to speak out against these efforts to take away power from small businesses who seek to improve their communities.

Over the past few years, there have been local efforts led by small businesses and community members to improve labor standards by implementing paid sick and safe time policies. In Minnesota, these policies have been developed after extensive collaboration and review among all relevant stakeholders, including small business owners.

In complete contrast, these bills being considered now by the legislature have not been subject to even basic discussion among legislators, much less the extensive stakeholder engagement that municipalities have gone through when considering labor regulations.

As small business owners across our state, we ask you to reject this corporate power grab that seeks to diminish the voices of our businesses in our local communities. Please reject HF600 and SF580.


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  • Laura Hedlund