Main Street Alliance of Vermont

The Main Street Alliance of Vermont elevates the voices of small business owners on important public policy issues in Vermont. We’re bringing small business values into public dialogue, advancing policies that are good for small businesses, employees and the communities that sustain us.

Through our collective work, the voice of small businesses throughout Vermont and this country have brought to light the critical needs of our small business communities, their valued employees, and the inequities and gaps that exist within our systems.  It is through that advocacy that we have seen thoughtful and marked improvement in Vermont’s approach to policies and programs that are meant to serve small businesses, and as we head into the 2021 legislative session, there is still important work to be done.  

Main Street Alliance of Vermont and our 700+ members understand that our economic success is closely tied to the health and safety of our families, our workers, and our communities. We have informed critically important changes to relief aid for our communities, and we stand ready to continue to do so in Montpelier and Washington DC.  

To get involved, contact: Morgan Nichols, Vermont State Director | [email protected]

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