Understanding Earned Paid Sick Time in Michigan: A Guide for Small Business

Michigan Small Business Alliance Releases Report Highlighting New Earned Paid Sick Time Law’s Implications for Small Business

DETROIT, MI— The Michigan Small Business Alliance held a press call today with State Representative Stephanie Chang to discuss the new earned paid sick time legislation and what small business owners can expect from its implementation.

The Alliance also released a new report today that serves as a guide for small business owners to implement the new law and draw on lessons from other localities that have similar laws. The report highlights the necessity for earned sick time, citing that employees’ access to earned sick time improves overall health and productivity in the workplace, increases employee retention and reduces healthcare costs.

"In September, I was proud to vote to pass Michigan's paid sick time law. I did so because this policy is a win-win: it's good for Michigan workers and for Michigan's businesses," said Stephanie Chang, State Representative from Detroit. "This is now the law of land, and I oppose any efforts to weaken this law. For nearly 2 million Michiganders, this law will allow them to earn paid sick time for the first time. This is a good policy that should be allowed to take effect as passed."

"This policy was crafted with input from a wide coalition including small business owners. Michigan's paid sick time law is specific to Michigan and is a good law that should be kept as is," said Danielle Atkinson, Executive Director of Mothering Justice. "We think it's important to inform people who will, for the first time, be able to earn sick time about the law so they know their rights."

“It is great that Michigan legislature passed earned sick days in September, but employers and employees need to know what is next,” said Stephen Michael, Deputy Director of Main Street Alliance. “We put this report together to demonstrate how the legislation will impact their businesses and answer their questions of cost and direct impact. Main Street knows the necessity for earned sick days and has been a champion of the legislation.”

“As a business owner, while I do not yet have a formal sick time policy, I absolutely support my employees when they are sick and need to take time off, or if they need to care for a loved one,” said Bianca Wilson, Owner of Umbrellex Behavioral Human Services LLC. “This is why I support earned paid sick time.”

Andrew Mehall, Owner of Russell Street Deli said, “We are proud to practice our values of community, equity and justice in our business. For us, a key part of that is making sure that our team has the time they need to get well or take care of a loved one, and not risk losing a paycheck or even worse, losing their job. Earned paid sick time is the right move for business, and the right move for Michigan.”

With 42% of Michiganders working in the private sector not having access to any paid sick time, small business owners agree that earned sick time is a benefit that should be accessible and inclusive for all.  The new legislation will require workers to receive paid sick days based on an accrual system, making Michigan the 11th state to pass the legislation.

To view the full report, please click here.


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