Trumpcare Tramples Small Businesses

GOP repeal bill strips health care from millions to finance $600 billion tax giveaway to corporations, wealthiest. Small business owners say this bill is not only immoral, but also hurts their businesses. 

Below is a statement from Amanda Ballantyne, National Director, Main Street Alliance, on the House vote to pass the American Health Care Act:

“Today’s vote is a shameful display of partisan politics at its worst. Despite unprecedented outrage from constituents, House Republicans voted to take health care away from 24 million Americans, cut essential health care benefits, abandon Americans with pre-existing conditions, slash Medicaid, and raise health care costs for all families – all of this to give over $600 billion in tax breaks to the very wealthy and the big insurance and drug companies. 

“The economic and human impacts of this bill on Main Street Alliance small businesses can’t be overstated – it would kill the local economies small business owners rely on to keep their doors open. Millions of people who own or work in small businesses would face losing their health care as a result of the vote today – the 4 million small business owners, employees, and self-employed entrepreneurs that gained health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and the additional 6.1 million small business workers that enrolled in Medicaid as part of its expansion.

“Plus, it radically restructures Medicaid, over time cutting services to seniors, children and people with disabilities and shifting huge financial burdens to the state budget. To compensate for these funding cuts, states would likely have no choice but to institute their own draconian cuts to eligibility, benefits, and provider payments. This means that 21 million people would lose Medicaid health care, many of them small business owners, and 3.1 million jobs would be lost.

“The President and Republicans say they support small businesses, the economic backbone and job creators of communities across the country. They said they would cover everybody and reduce costs. But instead, this bill would take us back to the days when insurance companies made all the rules. It takes health care away from at least 24 million Americans, raises costs, guts consumer protections from insurance company abuses, leaves Americans with pre-existing conditions at the whim of insurance companies, and makes radical, permanent cuts to Medicaid.

“This bill leaves small business owners in a terrible position, one they were all too familiar with before the ACA – unable to afford premium hikes year to year, unsure their employees will be healthy and able to work, and uncertain of the future of their businesses.

The Republican repeal bill doesn’t improve America’s health care – it wrecks it.

The Senate should reject this bill.”


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