Trump should open the ACA Marketplaces

The continued attacks on health care are hurting small biz

Washington, DC - On the Trump administration's amoral decision to keep the ACA marketplaces closed during a pandemic, Executive Director Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“The decision not to re-open enrollment on the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplaces for the states that the Trump administration oversees shows very clearly where the administration's priorities are during this pandemic. They have no interest in guarding our country’s public health, and have in fact continued to move forward with a lawsuit that would undo the Affordable Care Act completely, throwing millions out of the health care system during a health crisis in this country.

Small business owners are desperate. Many have had to lay off workers or make drastic decisions on health insurance premiums during this crisis. To not open the marketplaces is a direct attack on the health of our nation’s workers and small business owners. To deny the millions of uninsured Americans access to health coverage during a pandemic, while giving billions in tax breaks to large corporations shows exactly where this administration's priorities lie, and it is not in protecting our care or supporting small businesses."