Trump’s Executive Order Targeting Refugees a Disgrace to Main Street Values

Main Street business owners counter Trump’s divisive rhetoric and executive action with a message of diversity and inclusion.

The following is a statement from Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance:  

“As a national network of small business owners, the Main Street Alliance stands in opposition to Donald Trump’s decisions to freeze refugee resettlement and ban all immigration from several Muslim countries  Today’s executive orders will not make America safer, stronger, or more prosperous. They only serve to pull families apart and ultimately tear at the fabric of American communities 

Now is a time to lift up the facts and speak the truth about our communities, our borders, and our economy. Research and experience show that the vast majority of refugees are working and paying taxes within a few short months. Refugees start businesses, create jobs, buy homes and cars, and renew neighborhoods. That means a stronger, more inclusive and thriving Main Street.

Main Street Alliance leaders and fellow small business owners throughout the U.S. continue to place “All Are Welcome” posters in their shops, restaurants and office spaces. Together, we celebrate diversity, create safe spaces and send a clear message of inclusion and opposition to this xenophobic policy.”

View the full executive order HERE