Small businesses can't afford the Trump budget plan

Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business coalitions working to build a new voice for small businesses on important public policy issues, released this statement on President Trump’s budget:

President Trump came to the White House promising that his business acumen would bring unprecedented prosperity to Main Street and Wall Street alike. But there’s no wisdom in this budget, which proposes divesting trillions of dollars from critical public programs – basic health care, public schools, affordable housing, food assistance programs, and even Social Security – while also giving extremely wealthy individuals and companies a $5.5 trillion tax cut.

Small business owners and their communities would be devastated by this type of far-reaching, upward redistribution of wealth. This would have a multi-generational impact on the health of the local economies that support small businesses. For years to come, it would be much harder for low- and middle-class Americans to both start and buy from local small businesses. 

A President’s budget is more of a political statement than an operational document, and President Trump’s priorities are clear. He’s putting the financial interests of his wealthy friends ahead of the small business owners that create jobs and drive the American economy, pay their fair share of taxes, and want a government that represents them.

Main Street small business owners urge Congress, who really holds the purse strings, to scrap Trump’s budget and start over, putting small businesses and their communities first.

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