Take back the voice of Main Street! Tell us where you stand on the issues impacting your businesses.

Politicians, pundits, and the media are listening to the voices of the business community but too often big business dominates the narrative. Traditional business associations and corporate lobbyists speak for small business owners, rather than letting Main Street business owners speak for yourself. It's time to take back your voice, tell your story, and set the record straight on the issues impacting your business and your community.
No matter the issue large or small, we know you have a story to tell, Your story and opinion can guide public policy decisions and inform fellow business owners. Some topics lawmakers are focused on include:
  • Taxes & Budget: The President and Republicans in Congress passed a tax plan that gave massive tax cuts to Big Business and the super wealthy, by gutting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Education and other key programs. What do you need, as a business owner, instead of tax giveaways to Big Business? What government programs are particularly important to you, your business and your customers? (i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, education, infrastructure, etc.) What is it like to compete with big corporations? Share a story about when you have needed to compete with them. From what you've experienced so far, has the tax plan created and economy that helps small businesses?
  • Health care: What feedback can you share about the GOP's proposed cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, and their constant attacks on the Affordable Care Act? How will your business and community be impacted by removing millions of people from the health care roles? Are you or your family personally covered through the ACA? Are your employees covered through the marketplace? We want to hear your story! 
  • Access to capital: Have you struggled to access the capital you need to grow and expand your business? Were you successful in securing capital and want to help others? Share your story!
  • Paid sick days and paid family leave: Do you offer paid sick days or paid family leave at your business? What have your experiences been and how have the policies impacted your bottom line and employee/employer relationships?

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