Main Street Members Took to the Media on Tax Day

On Tax Day, Main Street Alliance members from Oregon to Florida placed op-eds and letters to the editor in local and national publications to call on Congress to establish rules that hold large multinational corporations accountable to pay the taxes they owe. Check out some of the clips of the work that went on across our network. 


The Hill- Op-ed: Small businesses pay their taxes. Why don’t big corporations?-

The Skanner- Op-ed: Panama Papers Should Re-Ignite Focus on Closing Shell Companies and Tax Havens-

The Portland Observer- Op-ed: Shady Shell Companies and Tax Havens-

The Daily Journal of Commerce- Op-ed: Corporate Tax Dodging Threatens Public Projects-

The Atlantic- Quote: The Cost of Corporate Tax Avoidance-

Oxfam America Blog- Quote: Top 50 US companies stash a trillion dollars offshore while benefiting from trillions in government support-

Borderzine- Quote: Top US companies stash over a trillion dollars in offshore tax havens-

Blue Oregon- Op-ed: Steer clear of rewards for corporate tax dodging-


Tampa Bay Times- Letter: Big business doesn’t pay fair share of taxes -

Palm Beach Post- Letter: Offshore subsidies unfair to majority-


Columbus Dispatch- Letter: To some, Tax Day is no big deal-

Cincinnati Enquirer- Op-ed: Companies Skipping Out on Their Tabs -


Chicago Tribune- Op-ed: Tax Day should mean something to big corporations, too-

Chicago Daily Herald- Letter: Tax laws favor corporations over small businesses- 


The Des Moines Register- Op-ed: Big corporations sat out on Tax Day again this year-

USA Today- Op-ed: Big corporations sat out on Tax Day again this year-


Times-Argus- Op-ed: Tax Day–the real April fools


Bangor Daily News- Event coverage/Quote: Maine group joins in post-Panama papers lobby effort-

New Jersey:

Politico- Quote: More tax breaks- State EDA approves $113 million in tax breaks- Event coverage/Quote: NJ small businesses: Tax breaks for big corporations unfair to us-

The Record- Event coverage/Quote: Companies that battled regulators receive millions in tax breaks-

NJ Spotlight- Event coverage/Quote: Does New Jersey’s largesse to large corporations hurt small businesses? - Event coverage/Quote: Group questions NJ’s use of tax incentives to attract companies- Mention: No NJ estate tax cut without transportation funding fix-