Shop Your Values Spotlight: Adeline Wright, Owner of Adeline, Inc., Duluth, MN

In the Spring of 2018, Duluth became the 20th city (or 32nd jurisdiction) to pass earned sick and safe time ordinance so that all workers could have paid time off to care for their families and health. This ordinance passed in no small part due to the advocacy of small business owners like Adeline Wright, owner of Adeline Inc. Salon.

Adeline supported the ordinance at council meetings, public events and in TV news interviews, challenging the opposition of Grandmas’ franchise and other big businesses. She led Duluth small businesses to fight for the best possible policy to pass. After it passed, Adeline hosted an event for businesses to learn about the new law and how to implement it sooner than the city’s mandate of 2020.

"I think I stand as an example of an innovative business owner who doesn't look at this with fear, but instead how can I come up with solutions so that my employees can be productive citizens in the city, spending money and being healthy,” Adeline said in one interview.

This holiday season, and every day, we can let small business owners like Adeline know that we appreciate their leadership and influence in our communities by supporting their work. Visit to find businesses in your community who are committed to creating quality jobs.

Read Adeline’s op-ed about the ordinance: