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Millions of employees across the country are working hard to make ends meet, but our nation is falling short of providing them the support they need to manage the demands of job and family. Paid family leave is a policy most employees will need at one point or another, but only 13 percent of the countries workforce has access to paid family leave through their employers. Our communities are missing out on the economic stability and economy-boosting effects of keeping people employed while welcoming a new family member, caring for sick loved one, or recovering from their own illness or injury.

Sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D – N.Y.), the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act (S. 337) would:

  • Provide staff members with up to 12 weeks of partial income when they take time for their own serious health condition, including pregnancy and childbirth recovery; the serious health condition of a child, parent, spouse or domestic partner; the birth or adoption of a child; and/or for particular military caregiving and leave purposes.
  • Enable employees to earn 66 percent of their monthly wages, up to a capped amount.
  • Cover employees of all companies, no matter their size. Younger, part-time, lower-wage and contingent workers would be eligible for benefits.
  • Be funded by small employee and employer payroll contributions of two-tenths of one percent each (two cents per $10 in wages), or about $1.50 per week for a typical worker. 
  • Be administered through a new Office of Paid Family and Medical Leave within the Social Security Administration. Payroll contributions would cover both insurance benefits and administrative costs.

It is time lawmakers leveled the playing field for small business owners and put in place a policy and administrative office to help us meet the needs of our employees in ways that, to this point, only our largest competitors can. 

A national paid family and medical leave insurance program would benefit our employees, their families, our businesses and our economy and we strong urge your support for the FAMILY Act, a paid family leave program that works!

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