Strictly Organic Coffee Roasters Host Event in Support of Oregon's Measure 97

Main Street Alliance of Oregon member Rhonda Ealy, the co-owner of Strictly Organic Coffee Roasters in Bend, hosted a canvass launch yesterday for the campaign in support of Measure 97 campaign.

Measure 97 would raise taxes on the largest and mostly out-of-state corporations that generate more than $25 million in Oregon sales each year. The measure designates the new revenue for our schools, health care, and senior services.



Rhonda told those in attendance why she supports ballot measure 97, a measure that will shift some of the shared tax responsibility onto large C corporations and reduce the percentage of funding for schools and health services coming from small business owners and average taxpayers.


“I support Measure 97 because it's time for large corporations to pay their fair share and support the community the way that Strictly Organic does,” said Rhonda. Strictly Organic Coffee Roasters donates thousands of dollars to local schools each year, despite believing these programs should be funded by corporations making investments in the communities that support their businesses.


All told, 20 supporters attended the event, ranging in age and profession, some business owners, some teachers, and retired educators. Attendees phone banked and canvassed door to door in downtown Bend spreading their message of shared prosperity and shared responsibility.


This was the first campaign event in the Bend area, and it garnered excitement from attendees who felt inspired by Rhonda’s words and believe the plan, estimated to increase state revenue by nearly $3 billion annually, was a sound investment in the community.