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The Main Street Alliance opposes the TPP. We're for trade, after all, many of our local economies rely on international trade to thrive--but we want to be sure to that the trade policies we pass help create economy-boosting jobs, ensure workplace protections, and environmental standards. We want to create a global race to the TOP, not to the bottom.

If the TPP was good for small business owners they wouldn’t need to use Fast Track to push it through. A good trade deal would pass through Congress on its own. Instead of Fast Track, small business owners want a trade policy that’s not made behind closed doors by the largest corporations.  Trade policy that works for businesses of all sizes must be open to input, debate, and amendment.  

I am a proud Main Street small business owner, and I oppose the TPP because:

  • The TPP would forbid the U.S. or other partners from forcing foreign firms to set up operations in the states in order to provide services. This means that corporations in other countries could provide services to the U.S. without employing any American workers.
  • Trade policies like the TPP put downward pressure on wages because overseas companies can pay their workers pennies on the dollar compared to American workers.
  • The TPP could cause the loss of 600,000 U.S. jobs in the manufacturing sector alone, while the broader impact is still unknown.
  • The TPP would allow foreign corporations to sue governments directly over any domestic environmental law that hurts or threatens a corporations expected future profits.
  • The TPP would compromise access to life saving medications by extending patent rights for the manufacturers.
  • America’s small business owners are sick and tired of trade policy made by and for the global corporations—trade policy that does nothing more than push us out of the market and make it harder to grow our businesses.
  • The TPP is just another broken U.S. trade policy.  It’s bad for American business and it’s bad for America.

I support trade policies that:

  • Aren't negotiated behind closed doors, and instead allow for debate, transparency and collaboration
  • Ensure global environmental and workplace protections
  • Helps create economy-boosting jobs here at home
  • And that drive a global race to the top, not the bottom.




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