Available for Interview: Small Business Outlook Ahead of State of the Union

For Immediate Release
January 29, 2018
Contact: Angela Simaan

WASHINGTON, DC --- Ahead of the State of the Union speech on January 30th, Main Street Alliance small business owners across the country are weighing in on how President Trump’s first year is impacting their businesses and communities, and what they need to see in the year to come.

ReShonda Young, owner of Popcorn Heaven, based in Wateloo, Iowa: “For years, I’ve prepared tax returns for my businesses and my friends alike. The tax bill that passed last year is going to make it harder for real Main Street small businesses to get by, while wealthy passive business investors make a mint off the ‘small business’ designation. President Trump may talk a lot about the tax bill in the State of the Union, but when the rubber hits the road, nobody will be fooled.”

Chris Petersen, an independent family farmer raising crops, livestock, and local foods near Clear Lake, Iowa: “What is the President going to do about health care? He came in saying repeal and replace. Well, they didn’t repeal, and they certainly haven’t replaced. In the meanwhile, he’s done all he can to undermine the healthcare exchange that small business owners everywhere count on. Are we going to get priced out of healthcare in 2018? It seems like it from where I’m sitting.”

David Borris, owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, Illinois: “The immigration proposal President Trump put forward last week is a non-starter. Dreamers are part of my employee base, and are valued members of my community. Ninety-one percent of Dreamers are employed - many in small businesses like mine. I want to hear President Trump get serious about DACA in the State of the Union.”

Kelly Conklin, owner of Foley-Waite Associates in Kenilworth, New Jersey: “Since 2012, small businesses like mine have seen the benefits of forward-thinking immigration policy. Over 800,000 DACA recipients have been able to become small business owners, employees, and customers, boosting local and national economic growth. When he abruptly ended DACA, President Trump destabilized our communities and set us up to lose $700 million in tax revenue each year. He has to fix his mess with a plan far more feasible than the one he released last week.”

Eric Sorkin, owner of Runamok Maple in Cambridge, Vermont: “I’d like to see President Trump talk about real solutions for small business owners in the State of the Union. For example, paid family and medical leave. I have about 35 full time employees. As a business owner, a comprehensive paid leave insurance pool is a no-brainer for me, but the Trump Administration isn’t talking about it.”


Business owners across the country are available for interview. Contact Angela Simaan, angela@mainstreetalliance.org, including type of business or industry, geographical location, and deadline.