Small Businesses Respond to House Budget Resolution

House Budget Starves Small Businesses

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the House budget resolution that passed today, Amanda Ballantyne, the National Director of Main Street Alliance, issued the following statement:

“One way or another, small businesses and their communities will pay for these massive budget cuts.

The House has voted for ruthless cuts to vital community services like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, education, and infrastructure in order to give massive tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy. This shows little regard for or understanding of how local economies function.

More than anything, small business owners need more customers.

If the GOP leadership really championed small businesses, they would improve public investments in programs that provide financial security and a leg up for the working families that shop at Main Street businesses.”

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  • John Frederick
    It is crazy that cutting off the money to bankrupt social programs would actually be the plan that is being taken; most politicians increase the budget and kick the can over to the next person. However, let us see what the House has in store. This plan may actually pull off in the long run.

    John –