Small Businesses Need Dreamers

The small business owners of Main Street Alliance condemn President Trump’s repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Repealing DACA is both morally reprehensible and economically disastrous.

Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance, issued the following statement:

“DACA has strengthened our communities by bringing hundreds of thousands of people out of the shadows to become business owners, employees, and customers. The program has allowed young people in America to own businesses, find employment in existing small businesses, and contribute to the economic growth of our communities - hundreds of thousands of people are working under DACA. Small business owners know that our businesses are more successful when we can find the most talented employees, regardless of their immigration status, and sell our products to the nearly one million DACA enrollees who now have higher disposable incomes.

Today’s end to DACA is not only going to tear apart lives, families, and communities, but would also put small businesses into the impossible, costly position of being forced to fire productive employees for no other reason than an arbitrary change in federal policy.”