Affordable, Quality Child Care

The lack of a good, affordable child care system is crushing families, workers, and small businesses. This doesn’t just hurt small business owners and our employees -- it also contributes to inequality when it comes to race, gender, and wealth. Access to stable, quality, affordable child care improves employee morale, reduces absenteeism, and increases business productivity.  It creates a more stable workforce, reducing recruiting, training and turnover costs. Political leaders who care about small businesses, our employees, and our communities will support public solutions for affordable, quality child care for all.

Main Street Alliance small business owners support robust public investment in child care policies like the Child Care for Working Families Act, that help small businesses and families to:

  • Lower child care costs for working families so that no family pays more than 7 percent of their income.
  • Provide flexibility to accommodate the complex work schedules faced by small business owners and their employees by increasing the availability of care options and for nontraditional hours.
  • Strengthen high-quality child care programs for infant to school age children, and for children with disabilities, by promoting quality standards and fair compensation and giving child care providers the resources and the support to improve.
  • Create well-paying care jobs in the child care industry by increasing compensation for child care providers.
  • Support small business child care providers in starting and growing their businesses, particularly in child care deserts, areas with a severe undersupply of licensed child care.
  • Ensure that small businesses can also benefit from tax incentives for employer provided child care, through tax credits and subsidies that support small business child care cooperatives, and small business pooling.
  • Generate a sustainable public revenue stream for child care investment by closing corporate tax loopholes, and creating a more a progressive income tax structure.

It’s time to give Main Street businesses a fighting chance. Big corporations win and small businesses struggle when lawmakers fail to act. Let’s level the playing field for small businesses, strengthen economic opportunities for our families and communities, and promote greater racial and gender equity by ensuring robust public investment in child care.


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  • Michael Pan
    Michael Pan
  • Mark Thies
    With the abundance of single parent families, it can be nearly impossible to manage work and child rearing. I urge you to support child care for all. I am one of those single parents.
  • Gail Amshel
    Gail Amshel
  • Pieter Kark
  • Gregory Fite
    Nothing is more important to working families with children than having quality, affordable convenient childcare that supports their growth and learning.
  • C. H.
  • Timothy Walker
  • Timothy Walker
  • Dan Quill
    To Work Away from Home CHILD CARE is a REQUIREMENT, and SO must be AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE for ALL.
  • Lisette Fee
  • Terry Warkentine
  • Sarah Lanzman
  • Mary Stabile
    Mary Stabile
  • Jo Ann McGreevy
    Nothing is more important for our future than healthy children!
  • Eric Everett
    The simple fact is that birth rates are down. Our societal structures will crumble when there are less people in the workforce. You need to do more to help people afford to have children and adopt them.
  • Scott S
    Support affordable health care for all
  • Mo Kafka
  • Kristi Carlson
    Kristi Carlson
  • Nora Nelle
    Nora Nelle