Small Businesses Demanded Accountability, Disappointed but Persistent for Justice and Economic Relief

On the news that 43 Republican Senators have voted to acquit Trump and failed to provide any accountability for a months long campaign of misinformation that culminated in a violent attack on our capital, Main Street Alliance Leadership has this to say:

“Every American across the country who witnessed the egregious attack on our democracy on January 6th want those responsible to be held accountable. But today, the same Republicans who failed to address and provide real relief during this pandemic, have now failed to convict a president who incited right-wing militants to kill, terrorize and injure hundreds of Americans in an attempt to subvert the will of the people and attack our democracy. Those Senators have opened the door for future leaders to unlawfully hold on to power. Small businesses across the country are deeply disappointed, and understand the stakes of both democratic and economic instability on our country and economy.

Instead, Americans deserve leaders who do their duty and govern in our interests, like the 57 Senators, both Republican and Democratic, who upheld their oath to defend the constitution and voted to convict. Small businesses across the country continue to reel from this ongoing crisis. To move forward together, we must be assured that our leaders will deliver what our families need, protection of our democracy, justice for all; economic wellbeing and pandemic relief.”