Small businesses applaud the passage of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act

Washington, DC - As the House of Representatives passed their first bill on lowering drug prices ever, Executive Director for the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“Health care costs are one of the major concerns for small businesses across the US. As health care costs rise, one of the major culprits has been the unmitigated and unchecked rise of prescription drug costs by giant Pharmaceutical corporations.

The Lower Drug Costs Now Act is a great step forward in lowering drug prices for millions of people. It's about time we joined the rest of the world in negotiating lower prices with drug companies rather than allowing the drug manufacturers to price-gouge and put patients' lives at risk. Small businesses urge the Senate and White House to move this bill forward. Health insurance and prescription drug costs are crippling the small business economy and it’s time to act now.”