Shop Your Values Spotlight: Minuteman Press


Originally from Tacoma Washington, Frank Brown graduated with a BS in Business and Accounting from Central Washington University and an MBA from Seattle University. For nearly 30 years, Frank worked in large printing companies who often didn't treat their workers fairly, and countered his values of racial, social, and economic justice. The last straw was seeing new male hires to a company make the same salary as a female department head.Frank_Brown2.jpg

In May 2015, Frank started MinuteMan Press in the uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. He lives his values in his business, with the belief that employees are significant stakeholders and are key to a successful bottom line. He set out to create good jobs with living wages and benefits and believes in second chances during the hiring process. Frank now employs a staff of nine at the only minority-owned Union Shop in the State of Minnesota.

Frank's activism started in 2009 with TakeAction Minnesota’s Renew campaign. He became a founding member of the Justice for All Program at TakeAction Minnesota, and led the campaign to Ban the Box, leading a 300 person rally in downtown Minneapolis. Frank now serves as Chair of the Pac Board at TakeAction Minnesota and a leader in the Main Street Alliance of Minnesota.

Frank shares our values on equal pay for equal work, providing living wage jobs, giving a fair chance to all job applicants and many others. Support businesses like Minuteman Press that share your values this holiday season and throughout the year. #ShopYourValues.

Minuteman Press

2101 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 112
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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