Shop Your Values Spotlight - Junket: Tossed & Found



The unexpected end of a marriage led to the equally unexpected start of Junket: Tossed & Found in late 2009 as Julie Kearns struggled to cope with the effects of post-partum depression and the childcare needs of a new baby while also grieving the unexpected departure of her then-spouse.

Julie leveraged her eye for 'treasure' to bring in spare change via consignment and resale as she weathered the financial fallout of divorce. What had initially been a survival strategy continued to grow as a side gig until a corporate layoff gave her the runway to take the social enterprise full time.junket_(1).jpg

Today, Junket is a healthy and growing small Minneapolis-based business with five employees and daily retail operations. Julie's passion for reuse is evident, and her commitment to creating an environment of belonging and acceptance is at the heart of the company's strategy (free donuts and coffee are a daily offering).

Her working philosophy is that it is not only possible for a business to be profitable while also being environmentally and socially beneficial -- but that environmental and social responsibility should be baseline requirements for all businesses. She feels that if established businesses can not operate profitably without creating harm to employees and/or ecology, then perhaps those companies shouldn't be in business. Julie is actively working toward a future where there's as much convenience in purchasing specific, needed used goods (paperclips or sewing needles, etc.) at a resale location as there is in finding similar commodity items at Target.

When they're not doling out donuts at the shop, Julie, and her now seven-year-old daughter enjoy sharing giggle fits, dancing in the living room, and being able to walk to both the shop and to Meridel's school from the home they share with Sam the cat.

In addition to her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Julie has been active in the Minneapolis Works campaign aimed at providing workers in the city with access to earned paid sick days. Show Julie you share her values and support her work. #ShopYourValues

Junket: Tossed & Found

4049 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55406