Shop Your Values Spotlight: Beanstalk Children's Resale


Beanstalk is a family-owned modern and hip children's resale store, whose roots began when like-minded friends and their 3 year-olds went on a camping trip. Carmen, the owner of Beanstalk, grew up on a farm taking care of animals, gardening, sewing and repurposing just about everything.  After a career as a Naturopathic Family Physician, it seemed natural to go back to her roots and help families in a new and re-purposeful way.
Inspired by the camping trip conversation, Beanstalk opened in 2012 with a goal of providing local families with contemporary high quality, new and gently-used children's clothes, shoes, toys, and gear at a price they can afford.

Beanstalk specializes in modern, hip children's resale clothing, toys and equipment that are loved for their quality and style. Clothing sizes range from preemie to a child size 10. Shoes up to youth size 2. Expectant families will also find quality gear and accessories.


And, because they are "recycling" gently-worn products, Beanstalk is helping the environment too. Carmen brings years of sustainable thinking and environmental awareness to the local clothing, toy and gear resale business.

Carmen’s love of Oregon and awareness of the impact she can have on her community drives her success, but she couldn’t do it alone. She is committed to the health, wellness, and happiness of her employees and backs up her commitment with a strong and comprehensive set of employee benefits, including fair pay and paid sick days.

Carmen’s way of doing business keeps her employees on board and ready to grow with the company. Beanstalk specializes in anything and everything you need for your little bean.

Carmen certainly shares our values and she has earned the support of our friends and allies across the Alliance’s network. For the “little bean” in your life, shop at Beanstalk. #ShopYourValues

Beanstalk Children's Resale

2 Locations

3527 NE 15th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

8021 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97215