Small Business Owners to Republican Controlled Congress: Do Your Job

In response to the Trump Shutdown, Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners and Main Street Alliance Executive Committee Members David Borris, Co-Owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Illinois, and Kelly Conklin, Co-Owner of Foley-Waite Associates in New Jersey issued the following statements:

Amanda Ballantyne, National Director of Main Street Alliance:

“Once again, President Trump and the Republicans in Congress have created a crisis by playing a dangerous game of partisan politics instead of putting the priorities of the American people first. President Trump created this crisis when he rescinded DACA for 800,000 young Dreamers and Republican leaders ignored last year's critical CHIP deadlines to pursue an unpopular health care repeal and tax giveaway agenda.  

Republicans continue to kick the can down the road by providing woefully inadequate short term funding solutions that will destabilize and devastate communities across the country. By rejecting a series of bipartisan deals, Republicans are breeding unnecessary chaos and uncertainty on Main Street. Republicans must stop holding Dreamers' lives hostage and using CHIP as a bargaining tool to pass a Trump budget, and engage in good faith negotiations with Democrats.”


Main Street Alliance Executive Committee Statements:

David Borris, Co-Owner, Hel’s Kitchen CateringIllinois:

“Donald Trump has repeatedly boasted that he is an expert businessman and dealmaker, however, he has proven again that he can’t even negotiate solutions on legislation with widespread bipartisan support.  Even when fully equipped with a Republican Congress, his inability to lead has resulted in utter chaos in D.C. and in communities across the country. If I were as hapless as this President in my ability to provide sound leadership and fund expenditures from month to month, I would be out of business. That’s not how a smart businessman runs a business, and that’s not how a President leads the country.”

Kelly Conklin, Co-Owner of Foley-Waite, New Jersey:

“For the last year, our country has been coasting on the success of the Obama Administration. If the Trump Administration and this Republican controlled Congress can’t manage to fund the government for more than a month, it won’t be long before the consequences of their incompetence will devastate the economy and crush Main Street. It’s time for responsible Members of Congress to do their job! They need to work across the aisle, come together to address the critical issues of immigration, health care, and funding our government.”