Small Business Owners Give Members of Congress a Bellyache

During a town hall on Tuesday, Main Street Alliance leader and Iowa pig farmer Chris Petersen brought Senator Charles Grassley a present: a bottle of Tums for the hard years ahead if Congress dismantles the health care system.

“You’re going to need them the next few years,” he said. “People are disappointed.”

Petersen drew a laugh from the large crowd gathered in Iowa Falls, but his message was a clear call for Grassley to act in the best interest of small businesses across the country and keep our health care system intact. The repeal of the ACA and gutting Medicaid would cause millions of people to lose insurance, a significant portion of them small business owners and their employees.

“With all due respect, sir, you’re the man that talked about death panels,” said Petersen. “We’re going to create one great big death panel in this country.”

Millions of Main Street small businesses owners, their employees, and their communities have benefited from expanded coverage under the ACA. In Iowa alone, a repeal of the ACA and Medicaid expansion would cost nearly 26,000 jobs and more than $8 billion by 2023. This week’s packed town halls across the country show that many Americans share the grave concerns of Main Street.

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Main Street Alliance members across the country are turning out in full force this week as part of the nationwide campaign to #SaveOurHealthCare and #ProtectOurCare.