Small Business Morning at the Capitol

Small Business Morning at the Capitol

April 17th (Tax Day)

Small businesses and their employees drive Minnesota's economic growth and make our town, cities, and neighborhoods unique. But when it comes to economic development, the needs of large corporations are often prioritized over those of small business owners. That makes it even harder to start and compete as a local small business. 

On Tax Day this year, April 17th, Main Street Alliance Minnesota is organizing an opportunity at the Capitol for small business owners to talk to legislators about the Minnesota we want.

Small business owners want affordable, quality health care. Small business owners want investments in healthcare, childcare, and infrastructure - NOT more tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthiest Minnesotans. Small business owners want to be able to compete for the best employees. 

See the MSA-MN 2018 Policy Platform Here

April 17, 2018 at 8:30am - 11:30am
MN Capitol- Cass Gilbert Library Room 317A
Corinne Horowitz · · (612) 232-1655

Will you come?

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