Small business leaders to GOP: Get serious about solution for Dreamers

In response to President Trump’s latest immigration proposal, David Borris, Main Street Alliance Executive Committee Member and Co-Owner of Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Illinois released the following statement:

“It’s time for President Trump and Republicans in Congress to get serious about protecting Dreamers in our communities. Congress must have a real debate on immigration routed in diversity, inclusion, and recognition of the powerful entrepreneurial energy that is unleashed from the broadest based approach to legal immigration.

Small business owners need stability and common sense solutions. We need a clean Dream Act to solve the immediate, critical problem that President Trump created, and to ensure permanent protections for Dreamers. We must now have the important debate on comprehensive immigration reform that addresses the legal system as well as the adult undocumented workers who contribute to our economy every day.

Republicans in Congress can fritter away their time in control of both houses and the presidency pursuing a racist, anti-immigrant agenda as they keep playing politics with the lives of Americans, or they can get to work, roll up their sleeves and focus on policies that actually help the American people and reinforce the proud values that once made Winthrop’s shining city on a hill the envy of the world.”