Seattle small business owners dramatically impacted by COVID-19, new data shows

Fresh Chalk, a Main Street Alliance ally and local tech entrepreneur has surveyed Seattle small business owners and found drastic measures are being considered across the business community in response to COVID-19.

See full release and data highlights below: 

Fresh Chalk Survey of Seattle Small Business Owners finds Dramatic Impact from COVID-19

 Risk of Cuts and Closure is High Across Sectors

Seattle, WA -- Fresh Chalk, a Seattle-based small business directory, today released results of a survey it conducted of Seattle-area small business owners on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their bottom line.

Respondents included people across multiple sectors, including restaurants, fitness studios, home services, and others. Here were the key findings: 

  • 80% of surveyed businesses in Seattle are seeing drops in demand, with 45% seeing a “significant” decrease.
  • Wage cuts and staffing cutbacks are being considered by 60% of small businesses.
  • Closure is looming for 35% of small businesses in Seattle.

Business owners added color to their responses, and their stories illustrate the toll the pandemic is taking on the owners themselves, their employees, and the community at large:

  • “We’re short $20,000 for payroll this month”
  • “Anticipating a huge hit"
  • “Losing clients daily”
  • “Will force us to reduce employment”
  • “Customers are cancelling”
  • “I had to lay off my entire team”
  • “We may have to close soon and we need help”
  • “8 years of work down the drain”

“Seattle-area small businesses are bracing for impact. They don’t have the cash reserves to stay operational when business grinds to a halt,” said Liz Pearce, Fresh Chalk’s Co-founder and CEO. “We are facing potentially devastating numbers of permanent business closures. It’s important that we galvanize our resources to help small businesses through this tough time.”

To read the full report, including the survey methodology, visit the Fresh Chalk blog. A report detailing the results of a consumer survey will be published shortly.

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