Scott Pruitt-led EPA Could Spell Disaster for Main Street

In heading the EPA, Pruitt will make it more difficult for his agency to address the health, safety, and financial security of small business owners and our customers.

Today, President-Elect Trump announced Scott Pruitt as his selection to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Pruitt is a staunch opponent of the agency he’s tapped to lead and would almost certainly spearhead efforts to pull back regulations and usher in a host of dangerous changes to our regulatory safeguard system.

In addition to denying human contributions to climate change, Pruitt is involved in a lawsuit over the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Main Street Alliance heralded the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan as an economic driver that would provide a critical source of green energy jobs and shape the future of the energy sector of our economy. In his opposition, Pruitt could squander an opportunity to invest in the energy of tomorrow keeping the oil and natural gas industries, in which he is heavily invested, in the driver seat.

“When proponents of deregulation, like Pruitt, sell their efforts to reduce regulations, they call them “unnecessary” or “harmful” for small businesses,” said Michelle Sternthal, Deputy Director of Policy and Government Affairs for Main Street Alliance. “But let’s be clear–businesses, like individuals, do better in communities with clean air and water, and with stable environments. Just ask the small business owners whose livelihoods were decimated as a result of the Elk River chemical spill in West Virginia or by Superstorm Sandy. Pulling back on regulations won’t help grow small businesses, and it will put customers, the lifeblood of small businesses, at risk.”

“Pruitt’s deep ties to the oil and gas industries suggest he will create an EPA that works for large corporations at the expense of small businesses. We are tired of champions of deregulation, like Pruitt, using small business’ good name to justify their self-serving attacks on the EPA, an agency working to ensure the safety of my customers and me.  It is especially offensive when it comes from the person nominated to head that agency,” said K.B. Brown, the owner of Wolfpack Promotionals in Minneapolis and a member of the Main Street Alliance.