Sarah P: Showing up for Paid Family Leave is Surprisingly Easy

This week, I went to DC to testify on the Family Act - national paid family and medical leave legislation.  A few months/ years ago, I would have never seen myself doing this.

I was so busy running my business, running my family and my life and I often felt this wasn't my cup of tea - I wasn't sure what happened at the State Capitol, frankly my lack of understanding of what went on, lead to almost a fear.

As my anger grew with the current administration, I needed a way to channel it. That led me to the Capitol, with Corinne and the force of MN Main Street Alliance behind me, I was able to see what a press conference looked like, and guess what, it wasn't as scary as I thought. It actually was very fascinating, and I GOT TO BE A PART OF CHANGE!

After being in DC, I feel more fired up than ever to make Paid Family & Medical Leave pass in Minnesota.  This legislation would be HUGE for our business. For a very small additional payroll tax, we and our employees can have access to family and medical leave paid for and administered by the State.  Check out the infographic and links here!!!

We need business owners to learn about this issue and show your support or show up. This is an opportunity to see for yourself what happens and meet other dynamic business owners. I promise being in a room with like minded business owners will inspire you. You will leave an event -- be it a happy hour or a day at the Capitol -- energized.

Here's what you can do to participate:

  • Sign on and support the MN bill.

  • Share your experience, and Corinne will help you write a letter to the editor.

I am sad that I hung out on the periphery for so long. These last few weeks have allowed me to really get behind a cause I believe in, and do things I never thought I could. Main Street Alliance will help you find your small business voice, and it can be that voice that leads to some dramatic changes for our futures.

-Sarah Piepenberg, owner of Vinaigrette in Excelsior and Minneapolis