Revised Trump “Muslim Ban” is as Divisive and Bad for Business as the First

New executive order built on the same open bigotry that goes against Main Street values.

Today, President Trump issued a revised executive order that banned refugees for 120 days and blocked citizens from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least 90 days.

The following is a statement from Main Street Alliance, a national network of small business owners:

President Trump’s executive order today is nominally different than his first attempt to institute a ban on Muslims. Though touted as a national security measure, advisors within and close to the Administration openly admitted the orders stem from discriminatory intent. The Trump team can’t unring that bell. Today’s order has been superficially revised in an attempt to dodge several court rulings that stopped the first version, but the objectives and consequences remain the same. Endangered refugees will lose hope of safe resettlement, people will suffer, and communities and local economies will be hurt.

Main Street Alliance continues to oppose the administration’s attempts to issue discriminatory policies based on unfounded claims about national security. This rhetoric and accompanying executive orders have led to the “Trump slump,” a sharp decline in tourism that economists believe will cost the US $10 billion annually, with some estimates even higher. With millions of small business owners relying on tourism to drive their local economies and support their businesses, this decline could result in closed doors, lost jobs, and crumbling Main Streets.

Moreover, research shows that the vast majority of refugees are working and paying taxes within a few months of arriving in the US. They start businesses, create jobs, buy homes, renew neighborhoods, and pump dollars into the local economy. This means a stronger, more inclusive, and thriving Main Street.