Resources for you - Get Out the Vote!

With the right investments in the right places, we can come back stronger. With the news whiplashing from one headline to the next, as small business owners - you can help people make their voices heard. See below for some resources to help you get out the vote on one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime.

10 Ways to Engage in Election Season

  1. Display election information at point of sale, on your outdoor marquee or in your window so that passersby are reminded to vote. Download this poster for your storefront that directs people to register to vote.

  2. Encourage everyone to vote by putting a newsletter article on your website, in your e-news, and on social media (examples). Share a story about what matters most to you this year as a small business owner.

  3. Talk your staff about the importance of voting in staff meetings, board meetings, and in program updates. Here's an example email to staff.

  4. Include a NOVEMBER 3 — VOTE! reminder in staff meetings or program updates a month before Election Day, and in payroll envelopes that go out closest to Election Day or put a reminder in staff mailboxes.

  5. Put a NOVEMBER 3 — VOTE! message in your email signature so that every email you send reminds people to vote and send emails to your staff, members, customers or clients, board, and volunteers encouraging them to vote.

  6. Write a letter to the editor or op-ed to respond to the way candidates frame the needs of small business owners. Determine whether it reflects your values and priorities, and make sure your voice is heard.

  7. Host candidates in your business (or virtually!) to talk about your priorities and help change the narrative about what small businesses want this election. Reach out to campaigns and host door- knocks from your business- share with the campaign what issues matter to your business.

  8. Attend candidate forums, round tables and meetings to ask candidates where they stand on the issues that matter to you as a small business owner. See our latest on the need for urgent COVID Relief.
  9. Join the Main Street Alliance team of small business spokespeople who are prepared to talk to the media about the issues, candidates, and the importance of civic engagement, or make a donation today to support MSA's political education program.

  10. Host a (Virtual) Election Day Party or create a promotion on Election Day to remind customers and employees to vote. Or even take time off to help Get Out The Vote!