Question 3 Childcare


Most small businesses cannot afford to provide child care for their employees or even themselves. This makes it difficult to compete for the best employees and can threaten their very existence, especially for small businesses in Greater Minnesota.

Would you support legislation that increases funding for the state’s childcare assistance program (C-CAP)?



Yes.  Too many Minnesotans are held back from entering the workforce due to a lack of accessible and affordable child care. We can start with increasing funding for the child care assistance program so more families are eligible and able to participate. We can also make pre-K universal. Access to high quality early childhood education is good for kids and working families and good for employers, which makes it great for our economy. I will work with communities all over the state to ensure quality child care is available and affordable so parents can get to work and small businesses can thrive.



Yes. Peggy Flanagan has been a leader on childcare policy in and out of elected office and our administration will fight to increase funding for this vital program. Access to affordable childcare impacts every facet of a family’s daily life and it can be a driving factor in whether or not a family can achieve financial security. In addition to investing in this program, we will also fight to increase the child and dependent care tax credit to that is available to lower income families to also reduce the cost of childcare. A Walz-Flanagan Administration will also address childcare by making it easier for individuals who want to start childcare centers to do so – access to childcare is important for all Minnesotans, but especially for Minnesotans living outside the metro. If our rural communities are to thrive, we need to ensure that working Minnesotans can raise a family in Greater Minnesota.







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