Question 2: Paid Family & Medical Leave


Small businesses want to be able to provide great benefits that help level the playing field and allow them to compete with large corporations for the best employees. Legislation passed in Rhode Island, New Jersey and California has created an affordable payroll insurance pool to help small businesses afford to pay its employees for family and medical leave.

Would you support the establishment of Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation in Minnesota?




Yes. Employees shouldn’t be coming to work sick or worried about a loved one because they can’t afford to take time off. New parents should be able to spend time with their babies before returning to work without losing income. We know that when employees are taken care of they are more engaged and productive at work. I support policies that support small business and make Minnesota a great place to work. Small businesses shouldn’t lose out on great candidates because they can’t compete with paid leave packages offered by large corporations. We need to do right by Minnesota small businesses and employees by offering paid family and medical leave.



Both Peggy and I know the joy of raising children, and we also know the accompanying worries. We believe that paid family and medical leave is a right – children and parents must have the opportunity to reach their full potential and this is simply not possible if working parents are forced to make a choice between their child or their job. As governor and lieutenant governor we will expand these programs for all workers. However, we also recognize that simply having paid sick time isn’t enough; workers must be allowed to use that time without fear of being fired or being subject to workplace hostility, which is why we will ensure that any paid family and medical leave bill also prevents workers from being penalized for using their paid family and medical leave. And we will support legislation that allows for paid family and medical leave to be used for all of the issues that impact a family’s well-being, including eldercare and instances of domestic violence.







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