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We mourn with the nation on Justice Ginsburg’s passing, as Supreme Court continues to move towards decisions that favor corporate consolidation

On the passing of Justice Ginsburg last night, Main Street Alliance’s Executive Director Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“Along with our partners, small business members and their communities, we are mourning the loss of a principled, dignified defender of justice for all. Ruth Bader Ginsburg centered the impact on the lives of individuals in her tenacious defense of human rights. 

Small business owners and our employees have a huge stake in the decisions that come next. In recent years, the Court has tipped the scales ever more in the direction of corporate giants. This has come in the form of decisions gutting anti-monopoly protections and making it harder for people to defend themselves against big corporations that have harmed them.  It also includes decisions on opening elections to more campaign cash and undercutting our right to vote

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Small Biz to Congress - Listen to Our Needs, Do Not Abandon Us

Main Street Alliance sent the stories of small business owners from across the country struggling without continued COVID relief to Congressional representatives today. Highlighting those who have been denied or left out of federal funding as well as those who are facing the end of their funding and again face incredible uncertainty and insurmountable debt.

This is a make-or-break moment for our country. As of June, more than 1.2 million business owners had closed up shop compared to February. The number of Black business owners has plummeted at a rate almost three times that for white owners. Nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. have lost their lives to the pandemic, and there is no end in sight.

These are the experiences of small business owners who are struggling to save their businesses, offer quality jobs to people in their communities, and keep their employees, customers, and families healthy in the face of a deadly pandemic. 

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Political Showmanship won't support small businesses as GOP "skinny bill" fails

In response to the failure of the GOP “Skinny Bill” Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“Small businesses do not need political showmanship that goes nowhere and ignores the desperate financial circumstances that millions of Americans are facing. Had Senate GOP Leadership really wanted to pass a relief bill, they absolutely had the power to negotiate a deal.  What we saw today with the failed Senate vote was a dog and pony show for the election - ticking off a box to help buffer criticism of frontline GOP Senate candidates. It’s just shocking when you consider the real need out there right now.

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GOP "Skinny Bill" Does Not Achieve The Scope or Scale Needed to Support Small Business

On the release of the Senate Republican’s “skinny” COVID package today, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“The GOP’s “skinny bill” simply does not achieve the scope or scale of relief needed to prevent large scale small business failure in COVID-impacted small business sectors.

Congress needs to come together to pass real legislation to address the core of the crisis, not short-term, piecemeal, pet policies that continue to cause confusion and will ultimately harm small businesses. Since the beginning of this crisis, Main Street small business owners have demanded a response designed to respond to the severity and potential duration of this crisis. There is still time to set our country on a path to recovery.  As recovery falters, the pace of jobs are coming back slower and slower. There are still nearly 30 million people on some kind of jobless aid. Consumer confidence continues to nosedive as budgets tighten after over a month of expired pandemic unemployment benefits. Small businesses need a comprehensive set of programs that support them for the long term.”


USPS Necessary for Democracy and Small Businesses

On the latest Trump attacks on the USPS, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

"Small business owners rely on the postal service both for the smooth operation of their businesses and for ensuring the most basic function of democracy - voting - for people who aren’t, for whatever reason, able to make it to the polls.  The President’s threat to defund the post office to prevent widespread voter participation is anti-democratic, and, also, bad for small business."



Executive Orders a Distraction from what Small Business Actually Needs

On the COVID related Executive Orders from President Trump this weekend, Main Street Alliance Executive Director Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“These executive orders are a distraction from what American families and small businesses actually need, which is a long term solution to keep our economy and small businesses afloat. Congress needs to come together to pass real legislation to address the core of the crisis, not short-term, piecemeal, pet policies that continue to cause confusion and will ultimately harm small businesses. This seems like a set up for an electoral strategy more than anything else.  From the dangerous payroll tax cut to putting states’ already fragile budgets on the line for unrealistic changes to the UI system, these Executive Orders show how out-of-touch the Administration is with the needs of small business owners and millions of unemployed people.” 


July Jobs Report Shows Urgency Needed on Extending UI

On the release of the July Jobs Report today, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“It’s clear economic recovery is going to be a long, slow slog and we are nowhere near the end of this crisis. In addition to slowing job growth this month, unemployment barely moved at all for Black employees, highlighting the continued inequity in federal assistance. To avoid further contracted incomes just as small businesses are hitting a financial cliff with the end of their PPP loans, Congress must extend the full expanded pandemic unemployment payments, and provide continued assistance to small businesses - or the 40 million jobs we’ve lost throughout the pandemic will not return for years to come. We can clearly see the jobs are not returning quickly, and without consumer incomes from expanded unemployment the economy will be pushed over the edge.”


Small Biz Supports Reigning in Pandemic Profiteering

On the Senate introduction of the Make Medications Affordable by Preventing Pandemic Price-gouging Act (MMAPPP) yesterday, Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance, Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

"Our economic crisis cannot be solved without a prioritized focus on the COVID health crisis. From testing, to contact tracing to vaccine development these investments are paramount to getting this crisis under control. A vaccine must be affordable, available and accessible to all, especially given the taxpayers have already paid for its development. Profit gouging during a pandemic by Pharma monopolies will have a direct impact on the small business economy's ability to make it through this crisis. The MMAPPP Act is critical to reigning in pharmaceutical monopolies, making sure a vaccine is affordable, safe and effective, which will ultimately support small businesses."



Workers, Small Business Owners Declare #WeAreTheEconomy, Call on U.S. Legislators to Extend Life-Saving Benefits Ahead of Looming Deadline

Today, The Center for Popular Democracy and the Main Street Alliance held a virtual press conference to demand that Congress provide greater protection for workers, families, and small business owners in the new COVID-19 relief bill. Life-saving unemployment benefits, which have kept families afloat in the face of economic downturn, are set to expire this Friday, July 31. And in the latest COVID-19 relief proposal, Senate Republicans indicated that they would significantly reduce unemployment benefits, which have been a lifeline for working families, and double down on small business loans like the Payroll Protection Program that has largely excluded Black and Brown business owners. 

Today’s speakers called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst in Iowa, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Susan Collins in Maine, and other Republican lawmakers to extend unemployment insurance, address racial disparities in access to business relief, strengthen small business infrastructure, and support other solutions to uplift working families. A recording of the press conference can be viewed here

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More Needed than HEALS Act to Support Small Businesses

With the majority of small businesses out of PPP dollars and unemployment benefits ending this week, the piecemeal bills that make up the Senate Republicans’ HEALS Act are simply not enough.

More is needed to strengthen support for both working families and small businesses, who will need each other to survive the crisis. Emergency unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of the month threatening tens of millions of Americans with a dramatic loss of income that will result in a sharp constriction in consumer spending, further damaging already struggling small businesses. The HEALS Act does too little to stem this drastic tightening of incomes. 

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