Political Showmanship won't support small businesses as GOP "skinny bill" fails

In response to the failure of the GOP “Skinny Bill” Executive Director of the Main Street Alliance Amanda Ballantyne had this to say:

“Small businesses do not need political showmanship that goes nowhere and ignores the desperate financial circumstances that millions of Americans are facing. Had Senate GOP Leadership really wanted to pass a relief bill, they absolutely had the power to negotiate a deal.  What we saw today with the failed Senate vote was a dog and pony show for the election - ticking off a box to help buffer criticism of frontline GOP Senate candidates. It’s just shocking when you consider the real need out there right now.

Since the beginning of this crisis, Main Street small business owners have demanded a response designed to respond to the severity and potential duration of this crisis. There are still nearly 30 million people on some kind of jobless aid and some cities looking at losing over one third of their small businesses. Consumer confidence is falling as budgets tighten after more than a month of expired pandemic unemployment benefits. Small businesses need a comprehensive set of programs, including grants and subsidies, a PPP overhaul, and a substantial investment in the state and local budgets to survive and thrive through this crisis. We must make small businesses a priority, right now, it seems like the large corporations are the only ones getting the support and attention they need."