Our work

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Healthy families are part of our bottom line. We need workplace standards that compensate businesses’ greatest asset: their employees. At some point, nearly everyone, including small business owners themselves, will need to take time away from work because of a serious personal or family illness, or to care for a new child. We must ensure access to paid leave when people need time away for serious personal health or family issues so that no one has to make the choice between economic security and their families. 

Small Business Economy

Small businesses thrive in places where people can live, work and prosper. For too long, the rules set for our economy have favored big corporations, encouraging extraction from communities instead of investment in them. Nearly half of all small business owners have experienced problems obtaining credit. The problem is especially dire for people of color and woman-owned businesses. With smart public investment and fair access to capital, small businesses can contribute to economic equity and help communities thrive. 

Child Care

A foundation of social stability is critical to small business success. The lack of child care can be a barrier to starting or expanding a business. Public investment in child care would mean greater stability for small businesses and their employees. Women and people of color are disproportionately impacted by high child care costs. Businesses benefit and the economy grows when women can stay in the labor force, and expanding public investment in child care promotes greater gender and racial equity in entrepreneurship and employment. 

Job Quality

Earned Sick and Safe Time

Workplace standards that support employers to protect time off for their employees benefits everyone. From from time to time, we all need to take a day or two away from work to go to the doctor, stay home with a sick child or recover from the flu. Some may even need a day to flee a domestic violence situation. No one should risk losing their job or struggle to put food on the table because of a temporary interruption. Earned paid sick and safe time policies create realistic and predictable minimum standards for time away from work.

Minimum Wage

Main Street business owners know that an investment in our employees is an investment in our business. Raising the minimum wage would give small businesses what they need most: customers. A higher minimum wage puts more money in the pockets of low-wage workers, who pump it back in the economy by purchasing groceries, clothes, school supplies for their kids and other items that small businesses sell.

Health Care

Small businesses need affordable, reliable health care for ourselves, our employees and our customers. But high health care costs continue to weigh on small business, putting good health care out of reach for owners and employees alike. The health insurance industry hasn’t solved this problem. It’s time for a strong universal health care system that does.

Inclusive Communities

Small business and community go hand-in-hand. Businesses, both small and large, should be safe places where all feel welcome. Business owners must also feel safe in their communities. White supremacy must be met head-on by local business owners, and we’re committed to connecting business owners to resources to become better informed. Join us in saying no to hate by demanding racial justice and welcoming communities. The Hate Has No Business Here campaign sends a clear message: there is no place for hate in our businesses, our homes, or in our country