Not my cup of joe

The Trump administration says it’s trying to help business owners like me. But in fact the opposite is true.


I’ve co-owned and operated a coffee bar in Portland for nearly 14 years. Like tens of thousands of Oregon small business owners, My family relies on a subsidized Affordable Care Act marketplace plan for our health care. This has been the only way my family could afford the care we need to address our health needs.

Since coming into power, President Trump has tried every means possible to destroy the ACA, whether through legislation, executive orders, misinformation or cutting off funding. The result is a panicked, uncertain insurance market and double digit premium hikes for small business owners like me.

Now the Congress is trying to pass a tax plan that they claim will help small business owners. But cutting the “pass through” corporate rate won’t help most small business owners like me. Instead it provides hedge fund managers, Wall Street lawyers and multi-national corporations with yet another tax loophole.   

To pay for this giveaway we’ll see trillions of dollars cut from programs like Medicaid and Medicare, and the elimination of tax breaks such as the state and local tax deductions and mortgage interest deductions. All these programs help middle class Oregon residents with living expenses in a high-cost state, and ensure that there are customers with money to spend on businesses like mine.

Jerud Moyer, Owner, Goldrush Coffee Bar

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