NJ Paid Family & Medical Leave

Bryce Covert’s Aug 13, 2018 piece reminded me about an employee and his wife who recently were expecting twins. New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance Program allowed him to get the time he needed to support his wife and bond with his twins. We made adjustments; he got paid time with his family; and he’s still a vital part of my business.

But things weren’t always so simple. In 2006 before this state program existed, one of my most vital employees was forced to leave his job because I later found out he needed to care for his mother who was dying of cancer. He could’ve really used this insurance program - and it would’ve helped my business as well, saving me the colossal cost of replacing him.

Some elected officials are working to create  a comprehensive, national solution like the FAMILY Act, while others like Senator Rubio have proposed a scheme  that recklessly raids Social Security and  doesn’t even cover workers who need to care for sick family members or their own serious medical needs. If Congress really wants to solve this challenge , they should pass the FAMILY Act.

Tony Sandkamp is the owner of Sandkamp Woodworking in NJ, and a member of Main Street Alliance.