GOP Tax Plan: A Nightmare on Main Street Alliance

It's Halloween, and tomorrow, the House GOP is releasing their Tax Plan. They're trying to TRICK us all with massive cuts to our public programs to give TREATS (aka tax breaks) to the wealthy & big business - that sounds like a Nightmare on Main Street!


Join the Nightmare on Main Street social media action - share the graphic and use the sample messages on your social media pages on Halloween!




All of the posts below can be used with the above graphic:


Sample tweets:

  1. #SmallBiz owners know #TrickleDown doesn’t work 4 Main Street. #NotOnePenny should go to the rich while the middle class pays for it.

  2. Don’t be tricked. #TrumpTaxPlan robs Main Street #smallbiz & customers to pay Wall Street. #NotOnePenny in tax cuts for rich & corporations!

  3. Like Medicaid, Medicare, and education? Main St #SmallBiz do too. That’s why we think #NotOnePenny in tax cuts for rich while we pay for it.

  4. Supporting #SmallBiz = investing in our communities.But #TrumpTaxPlan robs Main St of $1.5 TRILLION to give richest 1% tax cuts #NotOnePenny

  5. #TrumpTaxPlan will take away services that support #SmallBiz + communities, like Medicaid, Medicare, education. Scared yet? #NotOnePenny


Sample facebook post for small business owners:

Happy Halloween! You know what’s really scary right now? The tax bill Republicans in the House are expected to release tomorrow. It includes TRILLIONS in cuts in spending to vital services like Medicaid, Medicare, education, and transportation - and the list goes on - in order to give the RICHEST individuals and companies a $1.5 TRILLION tax break.

Main Street #SmallBiz aren’t tricked by #TrickleDown - none of us or our middle-class customers and communities will see a dollar of benefit from this tax plan, which is likely to even TAKE AWAY the mortgage interest deduction, the state and local tax deduction, and the medical expense deduction. How is that good for average Americans?

The #TrumpTaxPlan is a con job, and we say #NotOnePenny in tax breaks should go to the richest 1% while Main Street pays for it.