New York Passes Paid Leave Policy for Businesses of All Sizes


Small Business Owners Say Paid Family Leave Gives Them a Competitive Advantage – without Hurting Their Bottom Line

Thanks to the business owners who assumed their roles as leaders in their community and the foresight of New York lawmakers the state can now boast that all employees can pay into a program that will cover their expenses at a time they need it most.

Previous proposals included a carve-out for businesses with less than five employees, but small business leaders came to the table and made the case for why such a carve-out is bad for business and worse for employees of those businesses excluded from the program. 

Employees of businesses of all sizes can now address a personal or family illness or injury, the welcoming of a new child into the home, or other life-changing events without the looming threat of job loss or the stress of managing lost income.

This forward thinking policy enhances employee productivity, serves as a valuable recruiting tool for New York businesses, and ensures that all employers are operating on the same playing field. Policies like paid family leave that were previously out of reach for many small businesses are now state supported; employer funded, and accessible to all businesses.

"I applaud the state legislature for passing a comprehensive paid family leave policy that does not carve-out small and micro-businesses. The carve-out would have helped big businesses gain another competitive advantage over local shops like mine. Now, employees of businesses of all sizes can rest assured knowing that an injury, illness, or family need will not be made worse by lost income and the threat of losing your job,” says Brittany Hansson, owner of Second Chances Thrift and Consignment in Canajoharie, NY

"The most important thing I can do to help my bottom line is to take care of my employees; to be sure they are able to focus on providing my customers with the best possible service. With paid family leave, they will be able to afford to take time off from work to take care of a family member and then return satisfied and once again able to provide quality service,” says Brian Barnett, owner of Ehle & Barnett Funeral Home in Johnstown, NY

"Paid family leave will help both small businesses and their employees to live healthier, happier lives,” says Tarah Gay, owner of Outdated Café in Kingston, NY

“While I can be flexible to allow my employees time off for a new baby or seriously ill family member, I can’t afford to pay them. An employee-funded paid family leave insurance program would allow my employees to take the time they need in such situations without jeopardizing their job or the slim profitability of my business,” said Laura Kerrone, owner of Psychedelicatessen in Troy, NY

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