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We are a coalition of New Jersey small business owners working to build a new voice on issues that matter to our businesses and our communities.

Our members include both small employers and self-employed business owners, with a diverse representation of business types, race, gender and geography.

We’re sponsored by New Jersey Citizen Action (NJCA) which provides staff support for our coalition.


We’ve hit the ground running in 2016 working on tax fairness and budget issues. We’d like to thank members Erick Cedano and Dan Preston for all their work on the Combined Reporting bill, which closes tax loopholes for multi-state corporations, levels the playing field for New Jersey small businesses, and could generate up to $290 million in additional revenue for essential publics services and projects. 

Check out video from PBS and NJTV filmed on location at Jill Sasso's grocery store Lawrenceville Provisions and with testimony from Barbara Stanton, owner of Heritage Lighting in Lambertville, and Marilyn Sealy of Wells Rugs Service in Morristown in support of the Combined Reporting bill

Member Spotlight

We are continually expanding NJ MSA membership and every month we want to highlight our small business owners who have recently joined or been recently active with one of our campaigns.

Joyce Sagi "JerseyJoyce" of New Brunswick is a much sought after public speaker, author of the E-book “Keys for Conscious Business Growth ”the Past President Elect 2016 of the National Association of Women Business Owners,  and CEO of Disaster and Risk Associates, LLC, also known as DARA. DARA provides emergency preparedness, disaster recovery and authorized OSHA training for individuals, communities and businesses to be more resilient in the event of natural and man-made disasters. Appointed by Gov Christie to NJ Public Employees OSHA Board 2014-2017. Joyce is a Community Integration Specialist harnessing the abilities of all individuals and institutions within a community towards resiliency and sustainable solutions.  For more details, visit

Joyce, like many members and supporters of the New Jersey Main Street Alliance, is a proponent of paid sick days for all workers. “Workers shouldn’t have to choose between a paycheck and having to take care of themselves or their families,” said Joyce. “I am an advocate for legislation that inspires change to benefit workers and businesses"

Mary Stabile of Bordentown is CEO of Pro-Tec-Advantage, which provides low-cost legal services and identity theft protection to small business owners. She started her business because she believes all businesses, regardless of size, should have access to the legal system without having to pay exorbitant hourly fees. To learn more, visit  

Mary has also been a fine art and diamond consultant since 1980. She sells jewels of distinction, conducts jewelry, precious gem and fine art searches for the investor and collector. Mary locates important artwork or jewelry to help fundraise for charities. To learn more, visit

Like many other NJ MSA members and supporters, Mary in strongly in favor of the proposed combined reporting bill that would close tax loopholes for multistate corporations. "I'm in favor of closing tax loopholes because everyone should pay their fair share for public services," says Mary. "All the taxes I pay and the profits I make go right back to making sure my local community is prosperous and well-supported."

If you’d like your business featured in our Member Spotlights, or you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Jerome Montes at 609-540-9197 or by e-mail at

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