Main Street Alliance of Oregon Members Host Mixer with the Secretary of State's Office



Oregon members gather to share stories of their leadership in action and to learn from each other and elected officials

Ruth Miles of the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office of Small Business Assistance joined Main Street Alliance of Oregon members to discuss the needs of the small business community and give an overview of the services provided by the office of the Secretary of State.

With nearly a dozen small business owners in the room, Miles heard the stories of member’s activities with the organization and their shared efforts in making Oregon a place where small business can succeed and share values that put their communities first.

Rosalind McCallard, the owner of Snackrilege, spoke about her experience attending the FACT (Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency) Conference in DC this past April and Shaun Sieren, the owner of O’Neill Pub, who also attended the FACT conference spoke about the importance of the Main Street Alliance. Shaun shared his gratitude for MSA and the business owners he works alongside for helping him plug into the events and actions that he cares about and that impact the day-to-day operation and success of his small business.

This networking event and learning session could not have happened without the generosity of MSA members and the time commitment from the Office of the Secretary. Shaun provided the space at his pub and side salads; Rosalind provided sandwiches from her vegan shop and Roland Carfagno, the owner of Justa Pasta, brought six bottles of wine for the group.

Small donations were collected and a commitment to reconvene was made by all attendees and another small business owners stepped up and offered to host what should prove to be another valuable team building and learning experience.