Minnesota Businesses Support Earned Sick and Safe Time

As small and independent business owners in Minneapolis, we value our employees. We succeed when our communities thrive, when all are welcome, and when opportunity is shared.  We’re committed to strengthening the local economy in the Twin Cities, promoting economic security, and improving public health.


We believe that establishing a modest floor for earned sick time as a basic work standard is not only the right thing to do, but is a win- win for the employees and businesses.


We support a city-wide ordinance in Minneapolis that includes the Workplace Regulations Partnership Group Recommendations:


  • Accrued Hours: Employees earn sick days by accruing one hour for every 30 hours worked, up to 48 hours (six days) annually with a total usage cap of eighty hours

  • Usage: Employees may use paid sick time for care of themselves or their families when they get sick or are threatened with domestic violence

  • Integrating Existing Benefit Programs: Businesses already providing any type of job protected days—paid time off, vacation, personal days, etc.— should be determined in compliance with the law as long as they give the same amount of time required by the law for sick days purposes.

  • No Payout/ Portability: Employees should not receive payout of unused sick time upon leaving, and hours should not be portable from business to business

  • Accommodations for small employers: “Microemployers” with three or fewer employees could provide unpaid leave; Delayed implementation of an additional six months for employers with fewer than 25 employees after overall effective date for all businesses (six months)

  • Waiting Period: 90 day waiting period before employees can begin using accrued hours

  • Small Business Office: The creation of a staffed Office for Small Business that would foster the growth of small businesses in Minneapolis by providing support in the navigation of city processes.

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